[PAID] Weapon Serial Register Native Script

Register any existing weapon serial in your server, and retrive them!

Weapon Dealer: The book will check if serial in input is bind to any weapon inside the Db (weapon/armory script), if so will add the serial to a new table with the name of the customer.

Sheriff/police: Can search for a wepon serial and retrive the name of the owner!

  • VORP Support
  • Custom UI
  • For allowed jobs: Register a new serial and customer
  • For allowed jobs: Search with a valid serial and retrive the owner
  • Work with any Job (customizable)
  • Adapt to any weapon srcipt
  • Notification System
  • Log system with discord
  • Tralnsations EN,ES,FR,IT etc…
  • Open it with /Serial
  • More option in config


Note: you should have a weapon script that generate a unique serial for each sold weapon

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 300
Requirements VORP
Support Yes