[PAID][VORP][RSG] Casino Craps for RedM

BGS Craps is a one to one recreation of table craps in RedM!

Featuring in game assets and in game animations with support for up to TWELVE players!

Everything is completely realistic and immersive - all mechanics take place in game and are completely 1 to 1 with real life.

Includes ALL table bets available in craps, and FULL game logic for all betting procedures. This is FULLY realistic and completely real.

Dice are rolled on the actual craps table, and the dice faces are read 100% correctly every time. All bets are made on the craps table and attach to the table object. The entire game takes place in first person view, and dice rolls are shared among all playing players!

People nearby watching can also see the dice rolls with correct numbers!

Features NUI notifications to track betting and betting timers during the bet rounds.

If you want a completely realistic and unique gambling script for your server, this is the one for you!

Video preview:

PRICE: $50
Link: https://bgs.tebex.io/package/6203481

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 3000
Requirements VORP or RSG
Support Yes
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