[PAID] [VORP] General Stores With Npcs & other Shops


Hello to the RedM community. I’ve decided to make a release of a script that i made a while back when i was an active member and owner of a RedM Server. Since this script isnt been used by me i thought it would be a cool idea to release it to the public so others can have what i developed for my server at the time. Im also planning on updating the script frequently with patch fixes and more feature updates in the furure.

You can find more details & preview of the script here: Gaming Multiverse General Stores With NPCs (15.99€)


  • This Script uses the CFX escrow system
  • Full support provided
  • Easy installation & configuration

Preview Image Below:


Code is accessible No
Lines (approximately) 720
Requirements VORP
Support Yes
:moneybag:My Other Releases
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Video Preview can be found here:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Sice its black Friday i desided to give out a code with 50% off the original price of my scripts.
Go check out the store page and when you purchase the script use the code below:

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The Code will be active until:
Nov 26, 2022 01:40 EET