[PAID ]Volvo FM (PACK)

Volvo FM`s

Volvo FM,s. comes in 3 different versions listed below. These are Volos with detailed interior made to be driven in first person and 3rd person. you also get the more European style from the Volvo making the look more chill.

See Tebex For Features etc etc :wink:

Price 20€

Code is accessible YTD
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements None
Support Yes
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Are there any other versions of the pack or what does “Code is accessible: YTD” mean? Are the models available to modify or there are only textures available to modify?
It is an essential information due to a fact that this pack (according to screenshots) doesn’t include standard (dynamically changeable) number plates. There is only one European number plate with a strictly defined text (that is not changeable anywhere except texture files)