[PAID] Vinewood iFruit Store [MLO]

Video: Vinewood iFruit Store [MLO]

Did you want to implement a phone system on a server but there was no suitable interior for selling phones? You can get this one!
The interior, which is in perfect harmony with the rest of the world, does not stand out much, but at the same time remains beautiful.
The interior has a beautiful marble floor that is reflected, which looks great. Also, a well-tuned light that does not overload the computer.

Purchase: TEBEX STORE (19.99€)



Ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it look dope :pray: Good job dawg


Very Cool!

Finally some good lore-friendly interiors :heart_eyes:
I have a few questions before buying; is the frame rate affected by this map? Does the server throw any error regarding texture dictionaries at startup?

I’d love to buy it if there was a Legion square version, do you think that’s something we can arrange? DM me if you are interested.

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No, the frame rate does not change in any way (although I have a rather powerful computer, I have no changes, my friend also checked it, everything worked fine for him.
No, there are no errors :slight_smile:

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No, alas, I think that he doesn’t belong there. This is an expensive phone store, so it should only be on VineWood.

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Since no one buys the interior, I had to lower the price… Apparently no one likes it, or is it just a high price…

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The real reason is that unfortunately, most RP servers want real life stores (e.g. Apple).
I prefer the GTA V brands though, that’s why I bought it, but I would recommend you to make one package with both variations in it to boost sales, and btw the previous price was not too high (except for Europeans maybe lol)

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Looks clean, nice location too

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Nice release, looks good!

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