[PAID] Vehicle Options menu with extras and livery [ESX]

i send it on email instantly i think thats how it works im using tebex for the first time if there is any other way to send i can do that

So, do you send the files yourself or are the files delivered by tebex (does tebex send the files after purchase or do you log in to your email and send a mail with the files)?

i send the files

Okay, I’m unsure if that’s allowed but consider the following;

There is an option on tebex that you can use called “downloadable package”.

Inside there is an option to send a email with a download link after purchase.

If you set that up, a email with the link to download your resource will be sent automatically after the purchase to the recipients email, you can upload this file anywhere you want just make sure set up the privacy for it on the hosting service you use to upload the files to.

thanks for letting me know i updated the link

vehicle livery in next update

liveries now added :stuck_out_tongue:

How do i trigger

trigger what?

hey i brought the script and the link is dead

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The buy link is dead

link will be updated in couple mins i was really busy for a couple of weeks


What is the button to bring up the menu?

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When u add extra’s will the car be fixed??? the free one fixes the car when ever use it.

Im also trying to figure this out.