[PAID] [UI] Dream Interaction menu


UI minimalistic interaction menu

TEBEX: https://vibeful.tebex.io/package/4439765
SHOWCASE: dream_menu


Its for jobs? like fraction menu? or just for everyone?

for everyone

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Can you set it up for JOBS aswell. Like if you’re police it gives you a new submenu to cuff people and everything else. But only the poilce job can see it

Does this support going into child/sub menus? For example, rather than handcuffs, I’d want LEO, and then they can click that to be taken into an LEO menu where they select to grab, cuff, put in/remove from vehicles, etc…

maybe, it will appear in the updates

loking nice

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thank you :pineapple:

Please send the source code in a DM to @moderators as we would like to check for plagiarism.