[PAID] uerba.io vs NoVax | Death System

Our Death System offers practical features like customizable EMS checks and death attributes, along with seamless location sync via an animated flop. Simplify interactions and enhance realism with integrated trunk transport and configurable respawn details.

Features Included:

  • Animated flop for location sync
  • Configurable EMS checks
    • Configurable death and revive attributes
    • Integrated trunk feature allowing players to be carried in vehicle trunks
  • Deniable request to be carried / dragged
  • Compatible death sound by plunkettscott
  • Configurable removal of dead players clothing
  • Configurable removal of weapon’s, money or items on respawn
  • Configurable medikit / bandage blacklisting from from certain jobs and job grades (Disabled by default)
  • Integrated combat logging
  • Compatible with ox-target
  • Phone / Dispatch distress signals
  • Compatible with skeletalsystem by ModFreakz
    • Configurable arms injuries preventing the player from shooting / fighting
    • Configurable legs injuries preventing the player from running
  • Compatible with most standalone death screens
  • Death & Respawn Logs

Commands available:

  • /carry (configurable) → sends carry request to closest player
  • /drag (configurable) → sends drag request to closest player

Purchase (€36)
use the creator code NoVax for a 10% discount

Other Releases
uerba.io vs NoVax - Hospital v1
uerba.io vs NoVax - Whitelist v1
Activity timer

Code is accessible No (Configuration available)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1550+
Requirements es_extended; oxmysql;
Support Yes (lifetime)


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A preview is not yet available but we’re working on it!