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Hello RedM Community,

We provide you a realistic script that can be used on server so the players will place traps for birds, small animals, fishes, crabs or any kind of entities and gather them when trapped after an amount of time based on the placed baits.

This script is very basic and important for a roleplay or survival server so the players will be having a way of gathering any kind of animals, to use them as food, or any other reasons, especially natives.

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:white_check_mark: TP LIBS
:white_check_mark: TP NOTIFY


TP Versions Download and use the suggested resource to keep you updated if the following script is running latest version or not, directly from your server console.

Please READ the suggested resource on how to install and ensure properly.

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:white_check_mark: TPZ-CORE
:white_check_mark: VORP
:white_check_mark: GUM
:white_check_mark: RSG
:white_check_mark: QB-CORE


  • Rendering System for the trap objects and trapped animals (rendering off properly if the trap with animal / not attached is far).

  • Client Syncing, the object after its placement, will not be networked but synced properly based on the online clients and will also spawn based on the rendering system since the object is not movable.

  • Advanced Custom NUI to display all the available baits on the trap category to select properly based on your interest by displaying what animals the bait can trap after placed.

  • Trapped animals are displayed with the correct size and ground placement to be as much realistic as possible.

  • Total Maximum Traps which will prevent the players to place unlimited amount of traps and have a limit.

  • Properly saving traps and their data before server restarts or when a player who leaves the game has available traps and listed to its character.

  • Traps can have a chance for capturing animals (If not successful, the bait will be lost), but in case a trap location cannot trap any kind of entities, the bait will never be removed by the system (This feature is making the player to understand after a period of time that it cannot trap any kind of entities on the placed location).

  • Gathering trapped entities (animals), can also give you extra item rewards based on every trapped entity (Example: Fur, Snake Poison, Leather, Feathers and more).

  • System which is destroying a trap after a long period of time if not been used (placed any bait).

  • System which is killing a trapped entity (animal) after a long period of time if not yet gathered.

  • Blips for the owned traps to be displayed in the map for the players in case they forget a placed trap location and if a trap get stolen by another player, the ownership will be lost and the blip will stop being visible.

  • Traps with baits attached (placed), are displayed with a 3DText above the trap location.

  • All the players will be able to pickup and steal a placed trap if this option is permitted.

  • All the players will be able to gather a captured (trapped) animal if this option is permitted.

  • All the players will be able to manage any placed traps (Baits) if this option is permitted.

  • Advanced Notifications which are supported directly by TP Notify (Dependency).

Code is accessible No (Only Config, Locales & Animals)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1000+
Requirements TP Libs, TP Notify
Support Yes

If the script doesn’t work properly or you don’t know how to set it up properly, the team will happily assist you.


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