[Paid] TP Farming

Hello RedM Community, The following script is used for roleplay servers to provide and allow your players to grow plants and receive any kind of products fruits or vegetables in the most realistic way.


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:white_check_mark: TP LIBS (Latest)
:white_check_mark: TP NOTIFY

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:white_check_mark: TPZ-CORE

:white_check_mark: VORP

:white_check_mark: GUM

:white_check_mark: RSG

:white_check_mark: QBCORE

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  • Plant NUI Statistics when being close to a plant, displaying the plant’s minimum and maximum temperature, growth (age) level, health status, fertilizer and water source levels, the name of the plant and its description.

  • Fully configurable plant (seed) data for growing in real time based on its age, temperature system, growth age (for collecting product), maximum plant age, removing and damage values based on the fertilizer and water source levels and most importantly, collecting product based on the plant’s health (quality).

  • 28 Plants are provided by default (With correct temperatures, water source removals and correct growing size types).

  • Plant Types can also be placed on specific jobs only if the option is enabled, including extra rewards.

  • Blocked Towns to prevent seeds or plants to be placed inside those locations.

  • Weathersync API Support (Configurable) for destroying fertilizer levels or refilling water source levels of a plant.

  • SS Reputation Support (Adding experience based on actions such as water pouring, using fertilizer and collecting plants).

  • Temperature System for damaging the plants when the temperature is highest or lowest than the permitted values (you can also disable it on specific plants or disable it in general).

  • Maximum Owned Plants based and not based on specific jobs (Jobs can have higher owned plants limit).

  • There is a plants placement distance system for preventing the players to place plants close to each other.

  • Plants interaction by strangers, an option for those who want strangers to manage all world placed plants (such as a friends or family members), but keep in mind, since everyone will be able to help keeping the plant alive or increasing your plant product earnings, strangers can also steal them.

  • Advanced action animations with object attachments when placing fertilizer, placing seeds, raking or watering the plants.

  • Each plant type can have its own animation and attachments when collecting the plant product earnings.

  • Owned plants can have Blips for finding their location when opening the map menu selector.

  • Water Pumps System which can only be added through configuration because it requires a water pump pipe location and a bucket location when performing the scenario, to look realistic as much as possible. The specified system, has infinite water source so the player can fill the bucket, carry it and pour the water to any plant.

  • Wagons System for storing or getting water based on the Wagon total capacity storage. This system can be used to water your plants faster and easier when having too many on your farming field or not having any water source such as a lake, river or even water pumps.

  • Scarecrow System (Configurable), players who can place models of a person dressed in old clothes and put in a field of growing crops to frighten crows away. Those crows can destroy your plants if there is no scarecrow nearby (If players are close to these plants, they will also be able to see the crows attacking). Scarecrows also have their data - status (health) displayed with a NUI when being really close.

  • Rendering System for the plant objects (rendering off properly if the object is far from the selected player distance). The object is client-synced and not networked, there is no reason for networking plant objects since the object is not moveable, with this way, we prevent any kind of crashes and server bugs.

  • The script will be fully responsive to a huge playerbase, it will not cause any server delays or crashes when having many players online, each plant, has a list of players when being close to it, the players who are close to this plant will be receiving and requesting updates (Same for scarecrows and Water Source Wagons).

  • Properly saving all data before server restarts or when a player who leaves the game and has owned plants or scarecrows.

  • Development API Events & Exports.

Temperature, Weathersync, Water Source Wagons and Scarecrows Systems can also be disabled if you are not interested (by disabling, it will also improve its performance).

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1500+
Requirements TP Libs, TP Notify, Weathersync
Support Yes

If the script doesn’t work properly or you don’t know how to set it up properly, the team will happily assist you.


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