[PAID] TGIANN Police Alert (Standalone)

This is a stupid release. Linden has this for free working on QBCore GitHub - thelindat/linden_outlawalert: Display notifications for any job, with automated checks fo

And if your using ESX danny3 has made a modified esx_outlawlalert

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Is there anyway you can add throwables to not be detected? eg tear gas and bz gas

how do I add this to other scxripts on qbus???

can you link the free resource? :smiley:

do you know how to set it up for qbcore

Just edit the config file

it still isnt working something about dispatch key if its not green

Is it possible to change the script to use a different notification system?

script is full open source, you can edit it as you want

Ok, would it be easy to do so? Iā€™d like to use something like bulletin notifications.

([FREE][STANDALONE] bulletin - Customisable Notifications )

Iā€™m fairly new to scripting and would like to know before I purchase the script.