[PAID] TGIANN Car Hud V2 (Standalone)


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  • The code is fully editable
  • Easy Config
  • Standalone
  • Full optimized
  • Optimized Compass
  • In game clock
  • Fuel gage (any fuel scripts required)
  • Cruise control and belt feature (https://youtu.be/RwUxSDSl3wg)
  • Belt sound
  • Helicopter ground clearance indicator
  • Wheel burst and ejection from the windshield in the event of an accident (https://youtu.be/IO_czhHn7Ic)


TGIANN | Car Hud V2 (tebex.io) 20€
TGIANN | Scripts (tebex.io)


Now I regret that I bought b1g Carhud for the same price a while ago. Any way great HUD

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Looks great ! Performance are damn nice compared to others, is this still some draw text and draw rect for the orientation display ?

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Good sales bro, you are doing the best as always

looks very similar to

which was released month ago

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this is mine too

“Leak Script”

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Not only does this hud look absolutely amazing, but the developer is extremely friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend if you want to add a great hud for your community.