[PAID] Sugo_camping V1 | Campfire and Tent! | 0.01 resmon

A unique script that allows you to use a campfire to cook food or a tent that allows you to sleep (and recover life if you want!)

PREVIEW: Sugo_camping

Buy Here: Tebex

Configuration :

  • Fully customizable config
  • Periodic updates!

|Code is accessible|Yes|
|Lines (approximately)|Number of lines|
|Requirements|Ox - Lib / Ox_Inventory

Hi Elise, thanks for the reply. Honestly, the work behind it goes far beyond the placement of the objects themselves as it gives you the possibility of cooking as well as sleeping inside the prop. Thank you for your (destructive) comment and I’m happy that you want my script for free :slight_smile: btw, the update of new features is included in the script so there will be no need to buy other resources, I will constantly update the script adding new unique things

Not worth the price (now flag this)

Hi, thanks for your advice! definitely much appreciated! There will be no use flagging if a person is polite. hope you have a good day broski :slight_smile: !

MY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN HACKED! the old one has been hacked. cfx didn’t help me, so i have to remove assets from the website. if you’ve made a purchase, please contact me.