[PAID][STANDALONE] Status & CAR HUD | geni_hudv2

Hello welcome to my post I have did this HUD because of I was bored using old version of geni_hud and at the old version there wasn’t a HUD for vehicles.

HUD Features

  • You can see vehicle infos easily and simply.
  • You can see your vehicle’s fuel percentage, light state and more.
  • You can use resource with all frameworks.

Resource Showcase: Status & Car HUD Showcase | FiveM - YouTube
Tebex Link: https://nondev.tebex.io/package/5159262

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+rep good script

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+rep nice hud bro

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The script is good. But the design is not very good.

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Status HUD design or car HUD design?

It fills nearly most of your screen the carhud

Can see what you are going for with the car hud to look like a speedometer but the design is a bit weird. Just looks too big and colour scheme is off. Everything else seems nice though!

Car Hud design

New Update

New Update

  • Car HUD is a bit smaller now.