A nice addition for serious RP, you can prone/crawl and moving forward, backward, left, right, turn around, etc.

Screenshot 2023-03-18 143626

How to use?

  • First Ctrl press = Crouch
  • Second Ctrl press = Prone/Crawl
  • Third Ctrl press = Back to Crouch again
  • and so on…

How to stop Prone/Crawl?

  • Press Spacebar

Price: €3
Tebex: Prone/Crawl - Tebex

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 183
Requirements N/A
Support No

Hi, the script is not [FREE], edit the title because you have to pay “something MORE then 0 on tebex”.

It’s always nice to see someone publish their work for free, thank you! It would be great if you could attach a direct download link, not to mention that the rules require it (github or google drive would be fine). Thanks again, good job!

You have to set this to paid and not free at 1€

Sorry, this is my first post a bit confused with the format.

If you input “0.00” as the price it will let you download it for free just fine! Thank you for this - not really sure what folk will use it for but I can’t wait to find out haha

You can proceed at checkout with just 0.75$ or more, not less

Is it possible, to set another Key for standup unstead of pressing H? It collides with other keys.

I “bought” the script by inputting “0.00” and paid absolutely nothing for it. This isn’t true.

Maybe he fixed it, i was the first for write a comment and when i tried it told me:“You cannot proceed to checkout if you’re paying less then 0.75$”

I downloaded it before there were any comments on this thread and didn’t encounter an issue myself, but I suppose as long as it’s fixed now that’s the main thing :smiley: Thanks again for this script Goghor. My players were having a ball with it tonight!

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It´s possible to make the Prone/Crawl on another key?

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Next update.

Can you fire your weapon while prone?