[PAID][STANDALONE] Menu Card Script

Create custom menu cards for each restaurant or each location.

  • You can change the images for each location and it is saved through restarts
  • Completely standalone
  • Options to incorporate target if you want
  • Runs at 0.00ms when using target and 0.05 ms when using 3d text and near a 3d text


Code is accessible Some part is accessible
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 400
Requirements None (But you can have target which is optional)
Support Yes

Very cool resource. Great work!

Great resource !! this can be used for so many things on a server !!

I love it! But maybe this can be a script to use all documents in server right? Will be very cool for example use it for police document… is possible?

you can literally do anything… I made it work with news stands too… like weazel news can manage every news stand in the city with one change

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Thanks Morwic!

Then I buy it for sure! Amazing

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