[Paid] [Standalone] Legendary Animals

this script for legendary Animals to easy to use

1-you can change the respawn for the animals any Place you want

2-you can make the timer for the respawn any time you want

3-you can add more animals

4-all the players can see the animals

5-easy config

6- you can make random respawn for the animals

!!!- works with all fremworks
https://logical.tebex.io/package/5466936 15$

| Code is accessible    | YES   |
| Subscription-based    | No   |
| Lines (approximately) | Number of lines |
| Requirements          | Requirements |
| Support               | Yes   |

It’s a good Script I have it in my server I recommend it

Please make sure to include the paid releases template and remove the Discord link.


this is a free script elsewhere… why you reslling it?

Where is it free I would like to get it?

It is very different from free :slightly_smiling_face: