[PAID] [STANDALONE] Flight Radar



Flight radar to track position, altitude, and speed of aircraft in a GTA FiveM Server. Not dependent on any framework. By default every player can use /radar command to open the radar screen and ESC to close it. Add integration with your favorite framework to make the radar an item, limit the command to a certain job, a target in the control tower, etc.


  • Data Blocks: Each radar target contains a data block, which shows the callsign of the aircraft, its altitude on the left, and its speed on the right. The altitude and speed are the same that QB displays to the pilot when in an aircraft. Custom speed formula displays the horizontal speed only (ground speed) so that aircraft aren’t shown to be moving while simply ascending.

  • Disable Transponder: pilots can turn on or off their transponder, which hides the callsign from radar operators while off.

  • Pilots can set their own callsign and squawk code via slash commands. Emergency squawk codes will cause a red “EM” tag to be above the datablock, identifying radar operators of an ongoing emergency. Callsigns default to vehicle plate if not set.

  • Customizable Radar Floor: Aircraft flying close to the ground can fly “below” the radar and therefore no target will appear to radar operators.

  • Radar updates synced between all players. So two or more radar operators will see the same radar screen at the same time and all aircraft will update at the same time.

  • UI and player inputs non-escrowed. Can even switch out the radar screen background to an image of your choosing in case you have a different map than the default.

Code is accessible UI & Player Input Only
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 250
Requirements None
Support Yes
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v1.1.0 released

  • pilots can set their callsign using /callsign command. Defaults to the vehicle’s plate.
  • pilots can set their squawk code using /squawk [code]. Defaults to 1200. Squawk codes are 4 letter numeric codes which will be displayed in the datablock on the radar. They can be used to help radar operators identify aircraft, or for communicating emergencies. Pilots squawking 7500, 7600, or 7700 will cause a red “EM” to appear above the datablock to alert radar operators that the aircraft is experiencing an emergency.
  • squawk code will now always appear on the datablock above the speed/altitude line.

v1.2.0 released


Bug Fixes

  • Passengers will no longer send their own blips to the radar. Only the pilot will.

I like this script, it works like I want!

Thank you!

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