[PAID] [STANDALONE] Fivem Ped Menu

Hello, today i bring a simple, clean FiveM Ped Menu designed with ox_lib (STANDALONE)

Screenshot 2023-04-22 201320


  • AnyPed:
    - Allows player to become any ped
    - Blacklist peds comes with it
    - Allows to search for ped labels (names)
    - Separate permission

  • Added /oldped command (reverts player back to default ped)

  • Added so you can now decide if the player is allowed to open the menu when dead

  • Added so you can fully disable notifications


  • Simple and easy to use/setup
  • Permissions for each option
  • Add Peds or Custom Peds
  • As many peds as you want
  • Customise the menu to your liking
  • Customise your notification
  • Runs 0.0 constant (spectacular performance)strong text
  • Standalone/ESX
  • 24/7 Support
  • Choose your keybind/command

How to install:

Simply drag and drop the resource and your set
If using permissions then copy and paste the following in your server.cfg :

add_ace group.ped zurk.ped allow
add_ace group.customped zurk.customped allow
add_ace group.anyped zurk.anyped allow

add_principal identifier.steam: group.ped # NAME
add_principal identifier.steam: group.customped # NAME
add_principal identifier.steam: group.anyped # NAME

| Requirements : OX_LIB
| Support : Discord

(This product is a paid script/is not free)


little pricy for 100 lines but you do you I guess

thank you for letting me know, for some reason tebex highers my prices as soon as i save but i have lowered the price now! :grinning:

for the custom ped options would be nice to have a permission node where you can do example
you have a custom child ped and its named bob and the permission node would be zurk.customped.bob

tebex link not working

sorry for that, it is now working!

I can see what i can do, preferably using steam hexes would work better then permission for each ped.

u think 5 dollars is alot?

tebex link doesnt work