[PAID][Standalone] Drag injured ped and first aid

Hey !

This is my first post on the forum so I’m pretty happy. :hugs:

I’ve been a developer for 3 years and I’m part of the London Studios team. :man_technologist:

Drag Injured Player [Advanced]

Easily drag your injured teammates and heal them with this new resource !

Preview :


Purchase this resource :

You can purchase on my Website or directly by Tebex

Features :

  • Standalone (no framework needed)

  • Many configuration entries

  • Language Setup

  • Synchronized animation and ground particles with all players

  • You can easily provide first aid to your injured teammates

Others :

This resource uses the FiveM escrow system


Forget to show the blood effect ^^ !


DAMN BRO! Thank you so mutch thats amazing! Already bought and iam gonna try that! I was searching for that last year but i didnt found anything and now its here thank you mate! Love it :blush:

Thanks a lot for your reply and your support, hope you will like it ! :laughing:

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Great idea and nice execution! :+1:

Thanks a lot <3

ok so i tried it today and drag works very good i love it but i cant revive people and i dont know why. When revive is done the “dead guy” is set back in the animation and he cant move or do anything. Any help or solution?


Just upgrade the

cfg.recover = 20

to another higher value (i recommend to set the same as cfg.damage)

Is there a option to disable the ability to heal/ revive the player?

It will be added in the next update :wink:

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Oh, yea that makes sense thank you :smiley:

No problem :wink:

Hey, nice script! Is it possible to drag with a keybind or is it only possible to drag with a command?

It already works with a keybind :wink: