[Paid] [standalone] CB UMF SHOW | DJ Night Stage with Scripts


Advanced standalone custom made musical stage map/scripts for FiveM.

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  • Custom-made stage.
  • Custom-made Fireworks, Stage fire, smoke, and lighting.
  • Free Integrated music player. (xsound based, can be replaced with what you desire)
  • All the effects can be controlled (on / off) with integrated menus.
  • All stage background screens are animated.
  • All screens can be customized.
  • Music hearing distance can be adjusted.
  • Only whitelisted people can control everything.

How to use

put into your server.cfg

  • ensure xsound
  • ensure cb-mix
  • ensure cb_stage

To change animations in the screen, change config.lua in the cb-mix folder
like this

Config.CustomBanner1 = "https://i.imgur.com/ISHeaKQ.gif" --(1020x270)
Config.CustomBanner2 = "https://i.imgur.com/hnzF1Vs.gif" --(512x135)
Config.Mainscreen = "https://i.imgur.com/HUvtKGD.gif" --(512x290)
Config.OtherScreens = "https://i.imgur.com/xHHJqx3.gif" --(475x510)

Default keybinding

The whitelisted person can control everything by going to the mark shown on the stage and pressing β€œE”.

:pushpin:Special notes

  • animations have to be uploaded to Imgur and put the .gif link as shown above.
  • make sure the animation size is similar to the parameters for a better fit to screen.
  • Note that you need server version 5181 or above to run resources using this feature.
  • This stage cannot be moved.

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UMF SHOW | 31st NIGHT DJ SHOW | MUSICAL SHOW STAGE | FiveM - CodeBlaze - YouTube

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 900+
Requirements server version 5181 or above, xsound
Support Yes

Does it work with nearby MLO’s from Gabz?

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Is it in the same location?

No, but nearby.

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No, then it does not cause a problem.
[Sorry for the late reply.]

hi, i have it in my server but the animation screens wont turn on , i already created a ticket almost a week ago but no reaction… can you help me?

Sorry for the late reply as we were away on vacation. It only happens to some players. We are already looking for a solution to your problem and I have already contacted you on Discord. Sorry again for that.