[PAID] [STANDALONE] Block aimassist

Hello! We’ve made a small script that blocks aimassist rpf-file.

Aimassist rpf is basically an aimbot, this simple script prevents it from working.
Script may also prevent some modmenu aimbots from working.

Price: € 5 + VAT
Buy here: Tebex

Showcase: Click here

Resmon: Click here


Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 11
Requirements N/A
Support Yes

Awesome, Nice job. :star_struck:

i mean for editing 11 lines of code and charging 6$ USD for it is kinda expensive. you do you tho

Hey! I completely understand where you’re coming from. What the 5 euros consists of is for the buyer to be able to disable aim assist forever on his server. That’s worth 5 euros, not the few lines of code. The protection.

You pay few euros for a condom so you don’t have to pay child support for 18 years mate.


But sometimes government gives out free condoms :rofl:

You are asking 5 Euro + tax for 1 version , but there is a free resource which has 2 versions


I don’t think u can release this

  • Few Lines. Releases with minimal code (such as only one script file that contains less than 50 lines) are considered too simple and is not allowed. We want users to release meaningful, configurable and complete scripts. Everyone starts somewhere, but not every little script you create needs to be shared.

This makes it where you can’t lock on during a fight