[Paid] [Stand-Alone] Skin Menu


A FiveM skin-menu which allows players to customize there characters to allow for users to have a better experience. The script is fully stand-alone saving all data (outfits) to a json file. Meaning that you can run this script on any kind of server. The script has a very high configuration with detailed docs, and exports. Everything seen on the menu can be customized. The script does use skinchager and warmenu. View the full list of features and details below.


  • Outfit caps with whitelisting of discord roles to allow more outfits.
  • API for getting discord role information.
  • Completely stand-alone, all information is saved to a JSON file.
  • Many player customizations:
    • Ability to change inherence (Father, Mother, Mixing)
    • Ability to change appearance (Hair Style, Hair Color, Beard, Beard Color, and More)
    • Ability to change clothing (Masks, Shirts, Bags, and More)
    • Ability to change and add props (Helmets, Glasses, Watches, and More)
    • Ability to change and customize player tattoos (Head, Torso, Legs, and Arms)
    • Ability to change face expressions (Normal, Happy, Angry, Stressed, and More)
  • All customizations can be removed/added/renamed through the config.
  • All text/notifications can be changed through the config.
  • Set default character to load in as.
  • Spawn, Edit, Delete, and Clone all saved outfits.

Purchase Here: Tebex

Code is accessible | Yes/No (Only certain parts are locked)
Subscription-based | No
Lines | Client: 771 - Server: 757
Requirements | N/A (Stand-Alone)
Support | Yes

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Which is it? Standalone, or dependent on ESX and Skin Changer?

The script requires nothing to run, the skinchanger has been built and modified within the resource.

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So you’re selling a free resource. I guess that’s technically legal since ESX SkinChanger is under a GNU 3 license, just ethically questionable.

He is selling the menu itself that he “made” with war menu. Highly doubt he made this. Also extremely over priced for something so simple.

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both the warmenu + skinchanger part of the code is completly un-locked any anyone is able to view/edit and part of the code as they wish. I also left credits to both warmenu and skinchanger.

I did make this menu from scratch, not really sure what leads you to think otherwise :thinking:.

Your reputation says otherwise.

I have plenty of highly-trusted people within the community in my discord that have left rep for me. From people with servers with over 30,000+ active discord members, etc. I understand the concern of most “developers” within todays era, but if you ever have any questions regarding any of my resources, feel free to contact me privately.

link not working

Link has been fixed. Thanks!

I thought vMenu was a thing… Must’ve been a dream

This script is targeted towards combat-based servers where the cpu usage of clients is very important. vMenu is highly-unoptimized and most combat-based servers do not want to use it. I am not forcing anyone to purchase this script, if someone would prefer using vMenu, then the option is there.