[PAID] Squad & Teammate System [ESX/QB]


-UI features:

  • Adaptive design for varying aspect ratios and resolutions.
  • When a new squad gets created, deleted or when a player joins values will change real-time.

-General features:

  • The resource consumption for both client and server is 0.00ms.
  • After joining a squad the client resource consumption will remain 0.00ms.
  • During join and leave activities, resource consumption will spike to 0.01ms on server side.(this spike is temporary and afterwards it’ll go down)
  • Maximum allowed player count for a squad can be changed through config.lua.

-Squad features:

  • Every squad has its own unique icon/logo.

  • Squads can be made private or public

  • The menu will change to squad specific menu after joining one or creating.

  • After rallying the squad a in-game overlay will pop up on top left side of the screen.(Which shows the health, armor, name and the picture of members)

  • Squad leader can send invites to available players via “/invite [id]” command, these invites will appear on the recipients menu.(Invites will expire after 1 minute)

  • Squad leader can kick members from squad.

  • If squad leader leaves the squad, leadership will be given to a random member.

  • If there’s only one member in the squad and that member leaves, the squad will automatically be disbanded.

  • Squad members can see each other on the map.

  • Squad members will see health, armor values and names on top of their squad mates.

  • Friendly fire is off within the squad.

  • Players who get dismissed from their squad will immediately lose their status as a squad member, thus removing them from minimap and hiding their health/armor values.

Note: If you use steam_webApiKey, each player’s own steam profile photo will appear in the squad, but if you don’t use steam_webApiKey, every player’s profile photo in the squad will be the same.



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| Code is accessible | Yes |
| Subscription-based | No |
| Lines (approximately) | 1200+ |
| Requirements | No Requirements |
| Support | Yes |


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