[Paid] Special Outfits + Hairstyles Native Themed [REDEMRP+VORP+QBR/QR/RSG]

Eagle Flies

Special Outfits Pack #02 with hairstyles addition and body options to prevent clipping ! Choose between more than 140 unique Natives outfits and hairstyles !
This will be the perfect addition for your rp server and add tons of unique content to it !

Get your special outfit via the menu, select it and play. The outfit will automatically remove previous clothes and set the new ones.
To remove your outfit simply reload your character clothes /skin.

You will also find a body options menu which allow you to set different upper and lower body presets to prevent clipping.
Choose your preset then the skin color of your character and you’re good to go !

More than 300 Event lines will allow you to include all these outfits, hairstyles and other presets to your own scripts / shops / menus / huds so you could even make some outfits presets and save them
to your own database and maximize compatibility with your current skin / clothes loading script by calling these events lines !

In the configuration file you can translate all texts, enable or disable the menu and you will find all the events lines list.

Watch the video to see all outfits and hairstyles !



  1. Make sure that your keymaster account is linked to your server https://keymaster.fivem.net/asset-grants

  2. Download the ressource from the keymaster granted assets page and the redemrp_menu_base and the zip folder containing the images for the menu from the email that tebex sent you

  3. Put sirevlc_eagle_flies and redemrp_menu_base into your server ressources

  4. In server.cfg add these lines:
    ensure redemrp_menu_base
    ensure sirevlc_eagle_flies

  5. Insert the images from the .zip image folder into :
    If using REDEMRP: redemrp_inventory>html>items
    if using redemrp_menu_base provided or VORP/QBR/QR/RSG: redemrp_menu_base>html>items

  6. Enjoy ! Default Key for opening the menu is [2]


x-REDEMRP or VORP/QBR/QR/RSG frameworks
x-redemrp_menu_base (provided with ressource)

Get it on tebex ! : https://sire-vlc-scripts.tebex.io/package/5750077
Get latest news, updates and discounts on discord : Sire VLC scripts
========LOCKED FILES=====
All files are encrypted except the config file

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 10000
Requirements redemrp_menu_base
Support Yes

Do you think it’s possible to use only the headband? Like this picture?

howdy ! not atm but don’t hesitate to suggest other ideas in the ideas and suggestions channel on my discord for future updates !

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Sure no problem cause I saw some server who got rdr1 clothes like the headband I can find in the clothes store. This is why I suggest where to find and I appreciate your job for a lot of things. Still watch over you if I see something like this on your script

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