[PAID] Second Hand Vehicle Dealer

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With the second-hand vehicle script, you can sell your vehicles to other players even when you are not in the game.
Using an easy interaction menu, you can list your nearby vehicles for sale and, as the server owner, you can add vehicles you don’t want to be sold to a blacklist.

When you list a vehicle for sale, you can physically examine your vehicle and other vehicles in the parking area.
For a more detailed examination, you can interact with the vehicle to view the selected vehicle and all other vehicles.
To better view the vehicle, you can rotate the camera around it, zoom in and out, and use the interior camera option to examine the inside of the vehicle in detail.

You can view the maximum speed rating, brakes, and acceleration statistics of the vehicle you want to purchase, and check the upgrade parts like engine, brakes, and suspension.
If these details do not satisfy you, you can test the vehicle for a certain fee, and if you like the test results, you can pay the vehicle price and taxes to buy it.

You can remove vehicles you love but had to sell due to financial needs from the sale using the menu.

As a server owner, you can add multiple locations and ensure that only specific types of vehicles are sold at these locations, for example, a second-hand shop where only motorcycles are sold.

Sell Vehicles Anytime:

  • List your vehicles for sale and let other players purchase them even if you’re offline.

Easy Interaction Menu:

  • Quickly list nearby vehicles for sale. Server owners can blacklist vehicles they don’t want to be sold.

Detailed Vehicle Examination:

  • Physically view and inspect vehicles in the parking area. Interact with any vehicle to get a closer look.

Camera Controls :

  • Rotate the camera around the vehicle, zoom in and out, and explore the interior with the detailed interior camera option.

Vehicle Stats & Upgrades:

  • Check out maximum speed, brake, and acceleration stats. Inspect upgrade parts like engine, brakes, and suspension.

Test Drive Option:

  • Not sure about a vehicle? Test it for a fee before making a purchase. If you’re satisfied, pay the price and taxes to buy it.

Remove from Sale:

  • Love your vehicle but need cash? You can remove it from the sale list whenever you want.

Multiple Selling Locations :

  • Server owners can set up multiple selling locations and specify which types of vehicles can be sold at each location.
    • For example, create a dedicated spot for motorcycles only.


  • ESX or QB

Config File

TGIANN | Second Hand (tebex.io) 30€

TGIANN | Second Hand (tebex.io) 30€

TGIANN Second-hand Documents(gitbook.io)
TGIANN | Scripts (tebex.io)

Code is accessible No ( Editable Files )
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1000+
Requirements Check Requirements
Support Yes

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