[PAID] Richards Majestics Apartments - Lobby Hall MLO + Custom Apartments Pack MLO - For five M

Always dreamed of giving a new functionality to the former Richards Majestic residential building?

This modification includes a new Apartment interiors pack MLO with 18 custom shells cloned + coordinates

Apartments pack v2

Five M MLO Apartments pack v2

And a new lobby mlo for five m, located in the old Richards Majestic apartments

Five M Lobby MLO

Five M Lobby MLO

Purchase here

Interior Pack v1

| Code is accessible | Encrypted Keymaster |
| Subscription-based | Yes/No |
| Lines (approximately) | Number of lines |
| Requirements | 2189 Build + |
| Support | Yes |


Amazing work! The amount of detail on the map makes the interiors look really realistic, but there is one thing that is bugging me. Why have so many elevators? From a developer’s perspective, I don’t think there are many ways to utilize all these. But again, really awesome work! :heart:


:heart::heart: thank you

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Maps Incredible! Please Please release a couple more lobbies around los santos. I would definitely purchase more. Maybe eventually you could take out some elevators and utilize more space for other random stuff. Also Remove the handles from the glass doors that dont open. Also Would be nice to be able to edit the textures as well! But i cant itterate enough i need more apartment lobbies lol!

Thank you, I will certainly work to make this a reality


Perfect map, amazing <3

thanks for the feedback