This is a uniform package for San Andreas State Troopers. This package is intended for FiveM Role-Play and other GTAV purposes. This SASP EUP Package includes everything a large department needs and more! I intended this package of uniforms to be easily affordable by any avid FiveM server player, user, developer, or owner!

A list of screenshots can be found here (click on link/image):

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What is provided in the download:
A eup-stream folder with the listed models and textures.
A screenshots folder with all of the screenshots taken before release
And of course, the credits.txt explaining where you can find the other models


Hey, this looks incredible.
I am really interested in this package but would need some color tweaks for our intended uniforms. Would you be able/willing to do that?

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Yes of course! Send me a private message so we can get things situated. I’m glad you like them! :heart:

is there woman eup in the pack

There will be a follow-up update to the pack with female versions for each uniform. Currently, there is not. All previous customers will receive the updated version including the female compatible uniforms.

Hey I am just wondering do the CPL and SGT chevrons work on these uniforms? Wondering as when I previously bought EUP they have never fit the outfits.

@XREECE_Development the store doesn’t seem to be up for me. Do you still sell this pack?

No sorry, I no longer sell this pack. I am working on getting this thread removed.

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