[Paid Release] [RedEM:RP & VORP & QBR] RicX Bird Hunt Events

RicX Bird Hunt Events - RedEM:RP & VORP & QBR
The client.lua file and logic is locked by CFX Escrow System

With this RedM script players can participate in different Bird Hunting Events, they will earn score and get an Event Leader board rank. One player can start an Event at a time, after the player finished or failed the event, new contester can try to earn higher score.
Player will get a score for each bird shot and extra score if all the birds killed, it depends on the remaining time of the event.
Each Event has its own Leader board, player can earn scores in each Event.
Players can use different weapons to get different entries on the Leader board, it means a player can earn different scores with Cattleman Revolver or Carbine Repeater at the Event.
Event will be finished if the player kills all the preys or all the prey flew away.
Player can fail the event if moves far away from the starting position or dies during the event.
Different Hunting Events can be added, there are 6 pre-built Events in the script.

Event Name - Prey:
Overflow Duck Hunt - Duck Hunting
Rocky Goose Hunt - Goose Hunting
Eastern Competition - Loon Hunting
Heron Hunt - Heron Hunting
Cave Bat Hunt - Bat Hunting
Great Prairie Hunt - Prairie Chicken Hunt


  • View Distance of Hunter Ped
  • Delete Dead Bird or not
  • Texts, text colors, textures and menu position

Event Configure:

  • Name of the Event
  • Blip enable, sprite and map text color
  • Starting Position and Heading
  • Enable/Disable Hunter Ped
  • Hunter Ped’s model, position, heading, outfit and animation
  • Price of the Start Event and Event Timer
  • Prey model, positions, heading and finish position

ricx_birdhunt.sql – sql file for leaderboard
config.lua --configs
notification.lua – notification event and parameter config
server.lua – server side file and logic
util.lua – server side util
client.lua – client side file and main logic LOCKED BY CFX ESCROW
not.js – redemrp notification logic

1. Features

  • Add any Hunting Events with different properties
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Low CPU usage

2. Dependecies
2.1 RedEM:RP Dependencies


2.2 VORP Dependencies


2.3 QBR Dependencies


3. How to Install

  1. Make sure the server is connected to the keymaster account which has the package access
  2. Put ricx_birdhunt into server-data/resources/
  3. In server.cfg add “ensure ricx_birdhunt” after redemrp/vorp/qbr and dataview_lua resources
  4. Configure the config file if needed
  5. Add the sql file to the database
  6. Restart the server

The client.lua file and logic is locked by CFX Escrow System

Tebex: https://ricx-scripts.tebex.io/package/5039870

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0ABFHFzVjU