[Paid Release][RedEM:RP & VORP & QBR] Animal Skinning

RicX Animal Skinning - RedM Script for RedEM:RP & VORO & QBR Frameworks

This script let the players to skin a total of 340+ (!) different animals, from small animals like frog and songbirds, to big animals like bears and mooses. The script makes differences between the same animal types, for example you can get different items from Red Fox and from Silver Fox too, and the rams and pronghorns can be separated by sex or age (there are models with smaller horns and bigger horns). A player can get any items after successful skinning (around 150+ config of items included, so you can easily add them to your redemrp_inventory 2.0 and use them, items: pelts, animal parts and meats). Tiny animals can be collected by hand and player will recieve a small carcass in inventory. Tiny animals are like frog, bat, rat. Bigger animals (rabbit, fox,bighorn rams, bears etc) can be skinned if the player has a Knife in the hands. After skinning or collecting an animal, the script will delete the pelt and carcass, so they are not going to annoy the people around.

1. Features

  • 236 different animal that can be collected or skinned
  • 156 already included items’ configs, so adding and using is easy
  • Separated animal types, Red Fox and Silver Fox or White Sheeps and Black Sheeps are different
  • Collect 3 items after skinning an animal ( for tiny animals only the carcass), meats, pelts and animal parts
  • Low CPU usage and easy to edit

2. Dependencies

  • redemrp + redemrp_inventory2.0
  • gottfriedleibniz’s DataView in LUA
  1. How To Install

  2. Put ricx_skinner into server-data/resources/

  3. Open server.cfg and add after the RedEMRP resources: ensure ricx_skinner

  4. Add DataView in LUA to your resources or to the client file

Change Log
New Animals Added - 300+ animals data


Where do I find “gottfriedleibniz’s DataView in LUA”? It’s listed as a requirement but I am not knowledgeable of where/how I get that or what it does.

Hello i can add it for you after or i can send a link for it and you can combine it, if you want it to make global on your server. On the rdr3 discoveries github you can find the example at ai/events.

Thanks! Appreciate the answer.

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