[Paid Release][RedEM:RP] RicX Drugdealer

RicX Drug Dealer - RedM Script - RedEM:RP Roleplay Script

Sell drugs to NPCs, earn Reputation and make greater profit!

Players can start selling drugs on the towns’ streets if:

  • They have no police job (Police jobs can be set in config file, can disable drug dealing for any job)
  • if required job turned on in config file and they have the required job
  • if required job turned off, any player can start selling drugs
  • if the required police officers are turned on and the number of police officers are even or higher than the required ones.

Players can get their supply at Thieves Landing, at the Smuggler Shop. The prices depend on the Dealing Reputation of the player, the more the player has, the bigger the discount on the drugs. Shop Coordinates can be changed in the config file. Discounts’ Reputation requirements can be changed in the config file.

Reputation can be earned after a successful deal. Every town has different Reputation Level.

Police players will get an alert after drug dealings, chance of alerts depend on the police activity of the town (can edit in config file) and the sales made by player in the town. Upon alert, police players will get a notification and a blip on map for a short time (duration can be set in the config file). Max Sales before Alert can be set in the config file.

Server owners can set turn on or off the activity level alert for drug dealers at start of selling.

Dealers can buy and sell to NPCs 3 different drugs: cannabis, cocaine and opium. The base price of the drugs can be change in the config file.

After starting the drug dealing (with a command or button, can change in the config file) the script will look for a potential customer from the created peds by game’s engine. One ped will buy only once from a player. The wanted drug of the customer is random, it can be any of the 3 drug (cannabis, cocaine and opium), and the wanted amount is random as well. If the selected ped’s model is in the Police Model list then the ped will alert the police. Different ped models walks in different speed to the dealer player.

The prices of the drugs depend on different things:

  • if the police activity of the current town is turned off, then it will be less
  • Higher or lower price of the customer is random
  • Extra for price depends on the model of the ped, if it rich then costumer can pay more (categories and extra money can be change in config file)

Any player can sell in the same town, the costumers can purchase from more players but they will finish the first deal (cancel or success).

While selling drug dealer players has 30 seconds to decide what they want, to sell or not the product to the customer otherwise the customer will walk away. Selling to every customer does not worth it always, players must know if they make profit on the deal or not and make smart choice.


Sell drugs to NPCs (drug usage and effects are not part of the script, only selling)


  • Easy to config
  • Simulator feeling
  • Police alert
  • Reputation saved in mysql


mysql async

How to Install

  1. Put ricx_drugdealer into server-data/resources/
  2. Open server.cfg and add after the RedEMRP resources: ensure ricx_drugdealer
  3. Add the items from config to redemrp_inventory
  4. Add the sql file to the database
  5. Edit and config the config.lua if needed