[Paid Release] [RedEM:RP] RicX Dogs

RicX Dogs RedEM:RP MySQL

RicX Dogs script offers the server owners a clear and easy-to-use dog system, with 49 different dogs, commands and other features. Players can buy any dog, there is no limit for purchasing new dogs. After purchasing a dog, players can feed them with the default item, and dogs will get XP and they will grow after reaching a new level. Dogs can follow their owner or sit and guard in a position, but they can bark after giving them the order or they go home If the owner wants to call another dog.
If the dog dies, players must take their injured pet to the doctor, so it can be revived. If a player rejoin the server, he can call again the dog without taking it to the vet.
Dog categories: Labrador Retrievers, Catahoulas Leopard Dogs, Chesbay Retrievers, Huskies, Border Collies, Australian Sheperds, Blueticks Coonhounds, Coonhounds, American Foxhounds, Street dogs, Poodles

Server Owners can sell in shop high level dogs also for higher price, so players can jump trough the progress state.


Can be combined with:
RicX Dogtricks (Soon): around 70 new tricks, dog attacks the enemy of the owner
RicX Farm Animals: Players can guard their grazing farm animals with their dogs. Just give the Sit order to the dog where the animals are grazing, and the dog will help them to keep the grazing phase, so the farm animals will not wander away after finishing the grazing activity. Dogs must have a high level to guard successfully always, if they dont have enough experience, the farm animals will wander around, but there is a small chance that animals will keep grazing even if the dog is not an expert around them.

1. Features

  • Default Native Prompt for animal commands
  • 49 different dogs
  • MySQL based
  • Easy to config
  • Low CPU usage

2. Dependencies




Can be combined with: RicX Farm Animals

3. How to Install

  1. Put ricx_dogs into server-data/resources/
  2. Open server.cfg and add after the RedEMRP resources: ensure ricx_dogs
  3. Add the sql to your database
  4. Edit the options in the config (turn true or false the combined scripts)
  5. Add the feed item to inventory config


Can this be used with Vorp?