[Paid Release][RedEM:RP] RicX Campfire

RicX Campfire - RedEM:RP

Players can craft campfire and torch in the Craft Menu, and after they created the item, they can use it. Campfires can be placed anywhere, and once its ready, players can use it to roast their raw meat. Players can use engine created campfires also, not only the player created ones. Campfires will disappear after placing, server owners can set a lot of things in the config file, like timers to craft, cook etc, to create an unique survival script.

1. Features

  • Easy to edit and use
  • Craft system
  • Animations
  • Low CPU usage

2. Dependencies

  • redemrp
  • redemrp_inventory 2.0

3. How to Install

  1. Put ricx_campfire into server-data/resources/
  2. Open server.cfg and add after the RedEMRP resources: ensure ricx_campfire
  3. Add the script’s items to inventory config (item configs can be find in the package)