[Paid Release] [Redem_rp] dlg_doorsystem

*Bank doors can be locked & unlocked with a master bank key if your job is police or banker.
*Bank doors can be lockpicked with a lockpick.
*If there is a npc near you while you lockpick, they will run to a police officer and tell them about what they saw.

you must have redemrp_witness for alerts to work properly
you must have progressBars for the lockpicking bar to work properly

Tebex Store:
Tebex Store: store.danklifegaming.com

35usd for an edited doorlock?._.

but great release for people who dont know how to edit scripts…

this is not edited this is a from scratch doorlock system that police and bankers can unlock doors with bank key as well as with a lockpick. and the same police and bankers can relock the doors with the key