[Paid][Release][QBCore] Car Fobs and plate changing!

710-carFobs - A key and Plate system for QBCore!
This script gives you a car fob when you buy any car or take out a car from your garage!
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Features and Info about the script

  • For QBCore
  • Code is fully open you can edit and do whatever you’d like with the script!
  • Config for fob and plate price
  • Config for if locksmith takes cash/bank $
  • Admin command for custom plates
  • Each fob is binded by plate number if you dont have the fob for that plate on you, you cant unlock or lock the car!
  • Random plate generator for players (So they dont make bad plate names)
  • Make sure to read the README for steps needed to get the script working at the start! (A few small edits are required!)





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Oh very nice same that have bt target dependency I wish one like this just without target sistem like qb framework basic

Target is fairly easy to remove in this one. You can still use the fob as an item to lock and unlock already so would just have to set up the store to open with a keypress and youd be set! :slight_smile:

yes yes isnt a problem, and i recomeded to everyone to want a realistic sistem of keys for their cars, buy it , loock preaty nice men gj !

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@Kmack710LifeRP Anyway to get parked NPC vehicles to stay locked so the lockpick and hotwire is required?