[PAID] [RELEASE] FiveM Web User Panel (PreludeCore)

Compatible with: Qbcore and Esx (All versions)

Preview: FiveM Web User Panel (PreludeCore) - YouTube

Buy In: https://preludecore.tebex.io/package/4961063

+ 25 php files and +10,000 lines of code. Configuration file with 26 configuration fields.


  • Server home page with statistics.

  • User profile with the following functions:
    1- Character statistics, Inventory, Vehicle and fines.
    2- Possibility to delete character, Teleport to the garage and change your profile picture.

  • Administration system:
    1- Statistics of all users.
    2- Possibility of entering user profiles and modifying their data (Money, Telephone, etc.).
    3- Delete any character.

  • Marketplace system (Any user can publish their vehicle for sale and another user can buy it, thus making the sale of the vehicle effective and automatically transferring it to the user who bought it) This system is still in BETA

  • Ticket system integration made by OpenSupports.

Disclaimer: The base of this panel belonged to “Diosito Dev” but this was acquired by PreludeCore, completely remodeling it, adding many new features and giving it special support on Discord! If you were already a client of “DiositoDev” and need help, contact us!

Code is accessible Yes (All Files)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +10.000
Requirements Web Hosting.
Support Yes

This is pretty cool, nice ui :+1:

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Please fill out the required template for paid resources.

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Sorry, I had forgotten hehe

Cooles Userpanel

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Nice Panel

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Opened a ticket for help been a few days of no answer need help setting it up as followed the read me just keep getting errors when i plug in any of my other sites the domain works fine