[PAID RELEASE] ESX & QBCore Fireworks - Animations, Inventory Images and more! v1.1

ESX & QBCore Fireworks
This modification was made solely due to there not being anything like it. I have created a script which used the models and animation that were given to players in regular online in 2014. These features never returned to online but remained in the game files, so I brought some use to it!

Report any and all bugs in the comments. I plan on updating this!


  • Ambient Sound (Sound Radius with distance)
  • Four Firework’s (Two Cakes, Fountain and a Bottle Rocket)
  • Comes with Inventory Images
  • Animations

Version 1.1

  • Added QB Core Support
  • Locales support

Version 1.0

  • Added car alarms to nearby vehicles when explosion is triggered.
  • Better animation placement
Placed Firework Images


Explosion Images


Bottle Rocket
Single Shot

Shot Burst
Multi-shot Cake

Trail Burst
Cake with rotating explosions

Code accessible No
Subscription based No
Lines (approximately) 200
Requirements es_extended, notify or QBCore
Support Yes

Purchase for $2.99 Here

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“qbus” I think you mean qbcore.

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QBCore Support is added!

Please make a locale to edit the Text

Will do, should be done within the next few hours. Just need some time to get on.

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They are added, only to the QB Core version for now.

i need it for esx :smiley:

Will do give me a few

Should be set.

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Not found :smiley:

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Don’t get me wrong but I think this is already available in qbcore.
Maybe it’s different, of course, what you did, but I just wanted to say it.

Github qb-smallresources

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The Fireworks in that script aren’t optimized and focused on like in this script. I plan on solely creating and updated just the fireworks mechanics with my script. It is a good script though, I have never seen it before.

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My bad, should be fixed, I never uploaded the locales with it.

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Okay where can i put en or fr? both locales are obfuscated m8

Hmm, try replacing the obfuscated lua with

local Translations = {
    notif = {
        use = 'You have lit the fuse!',

Lang = Locale:new({
    phrases = Translations,
    warnOnMissing = true

It should work. I don’t know why it obfuscated the locales.