[PAID - RELEASE] Autopilot

Hello everyone,
today I present to you my new autopilot script.

Quick description:

This script consists of integrating an autopilot into your vehicles. This autopilot will be perfectly suited for your players who like to drive or for those who are afraid of breaking the rules of the road and risking a fine.


  • Activate or not a command to launch the autopilot

  • Customization of the command (if enabled)

  • Configure among 3 driving modes of your autopilot

  • Custom the notifications icon

  • Custom the messages in different languages EN and FR

  • Configure the speed of your vehicle (the speed is adaptable during the distance)

  • Configuration of all usable keys


  • No dependency, this script works on any server

Price: 2.99 EUR (without taxes)

Preview: [autopilot]

To buy the script go to my corresponding tebex page:

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me, I will answer them as quickly as possible.

you can do this for free in v menu

In v menu ?

there’s a free version of this already out just wondering any reason you’re is payware and what difference does it offer
this is the free one i am talking about GitHub - Worryinglamb08/tesla_autopilot: FiveM autopilot for Tesla cars.

correct vmenu has a free auto pilot which does the same thing, would be good for a server with no menus allowed though.

Hey, at first I did not know that there was one, I made my script a long time ago, it was for my server which is currently closed and that is why I am selling my scripts. Then I looked at the script you sent and this script corresponds to a single vehicle and contains 3 dependencies but mine is made for all vehicles (except planes and helicopters because there are problems for landings but maybe for a future version) and contains no dependencies. Mine has a fairly complete configuration, as briefly explained, you can configure everything (keys, commands, driving mode, messages, …).


Ah i see very nice script

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Please send us a copy of your resource to @moderators group for verification.

It is done. :smile:

How about add the ability to do a round trip, cops could use it for patrol routes and such…

Also, how do I move the little hud that pops up? It’s overlapping my default vehicle hud.

Is it possible to restrict a command to a specific group of people by using steam hex or something else?