[PAID] Realistic Jet Eject Animation

Realistic Jet Eject Animation - (Paid Resource)

This script allows you to have a realistic jet eject animation that works on all planes.


  • Works On All Jets/Planes
  • Eject Seat
  • Eject Seat Parachute
  • Controllable Parachute Deployment
  • Sound Effects
  • Camera Effects
  • Variety Of Configs
  • Standalone Script
  • Onesync Compatible


  1. Purchase the resource from our Tebex Store.

  2. Check your email (And Spam Folder) for the resource

  3. Place the resource files in your server’s resources folder!


Fairly simple, set Whitelist To true in settings.ini, add the vehicle spawn name to the [Vehicles] tag, press E in-game to eject. (Key changeable in the game Keybinds Settings)



15 USD is a bit too much for an animation for me…

You are free to purchase or not, if you watched the video you would clearly notice that the ‘animation’ includes an ejector seat, a parachute, a custom camera view, and controls for the parachute.