[PAID] RCON Bot | By L-Development

Hey, welcome to my first Fivem Post.
Today, i present you my brand new Discord Bot. The bot allows you to completely manage your server trough Discord. If you are interested, make sure to check out the video below and the full feature list

Preview video
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Bots features:

Resource commands

- start [resourceName]

  • stop [resourceName]

  • ensure [resourceName]

  • restart [resourceName]

  • refresh

Global commands

  • exec [filename]

  • status

  • clientkick [id] [reason]

  • say [message]

  • svgui

Configuration variables

  • onesync [on/off/legacy]

  • sv_maxClients [newValue]

- sv_endpointPrivacy [newValue]

- sv_hostname [newValue]

- sv_authMaxVariance [newValue

  • load_server_icon [fileName.png]

  • rcon_password [password]

  • steam_webApiKey [key]

User Commands

  • revive [ID]

  • setjob [ID] [Job] [Grade]

  • givebankmoney [ID] [Amount]

  • givemoney [ID] [Amount]

  • giveitem [ID] [Item] [Amount]

  • giveweapon [ID] [Weapon] [Amount]

  • clearinventory [ID]

  • clearloadout [ID]

and many more commands…

Bot is 24/7 getting updates for new commands, improvements etc.


  • l-rconcommands server script that is included

Best regards


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Hey, nice release. Seems interesting :slight_smile:

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Hey, can you tell me the name of the song? It’s pretty lit :slightly_smiling_face:

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Search on Youtube: Hard Trap Beat “Hyped”

Thanks alot mate! Also great release keep going!

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Does everything and all of the commands work with vRP?

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The User Commands are made for ESX but easy to change :wink:

Make it work with vRP, and you have a customer :wink:

Nice work!
Can self host?

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Yes, you get all the files.