[PAID] RAHE Racing System [ESX / QB / Standalone]

Never thought such a simple script could bump life into my server! Absolutely love it, well done! My server and script is live more than other before! Love it!

Is the UI unlocked? So you can Match the Design with the Design of the Server?

Yes, you can change the design however you like - all of the the UI files are unencrypted.

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Any updates on features, there has been zero since I bought the script?..

More importantly as I think I ask before, will there be continued features at all?

That’s a very good question. Recently, we have been busy at work and we have lot on our hands. In fact, we will be releasing a roadmap in the next few weeks. From there you’ll be able to read about our goals for the next year (updates, releases and more). That should give you a clearer picture what to expect for racing and most importantly - when to expect it.

Brand new resources are coming and older ones will be extensively updated. We have some interesting stuff planned for racing, so come check back on us in a bit!

Hello Great resource

few questions:

is there a way to set up tiered payouts for races being won ie
1st place 60%, 2nd place 25% and 3rd place 15% of the pooled money from the buy in?

would like a way to trigger a dispatch call when a race has started so we can get some pd involved with it

Hey, currently the system is as follows:

  1. Competition race prize pool gets distributed amongst all the participants (the higher you finish, the more you get).
  2. Normal race prize pool gets given to the race winner in its entirety.

I’m assuming you wish to change the payout schemes for normal races? Seems like a good suggestion, we’ll add it to our to-do list. Also, competition races are inserted into the application 4-5 hours earlier by default - you can easily create a script that sends out police dispatch calls at these times.

thanks for adding it to your to-do list,

we are looking to add dispatch calls for the normal races with its location so we can get some cops responding to ad-hoc races.

another feature that has been requested from our community is that phasing be something that can be toggled per race

You have to remember a few things with normal races:

  1. The start-time is configurable and could be very short. For example, when the host puts it at 10 seconds, most likely the racers will be long gone when the police gets there.

  2. Not every normal race is a race. People use it to create new tracks, cruise with their friends, check how the track is made etc.

So probably you will have a lot of situations where the police won’t even see anyone / there isn’t a race. That’s why we usually recommend doing the dispatch calls for competition races. But sure, we can probably make it configurable.

Hello hello, been wanting to pick this one up for many months now just been tight on funds. Any chance there will be a Christmas Santa discount? :grin:

Hey, unfortunately no christmas discounts are currently planned.

The racing resource is almost a year old and is still regularly receiving new features!
We released another update today featuring stuff such as:

  • GPS / checkpoint color changing
  • New events and functions for developers
  • Multiple brand new data views (detailed race view, sort race results by class)
  • Performance optimizations
  • Dynamic DNF timer calculations for competitions

… and much more.

This looks fantastic, from what I saw in the video!

I have a questions though. These questions are pretty much the same for Racing system and Drifting system as well:

  1. You say not all the code is encrypted. I’d want to have access to QB framework functions responsible for payouts. Is that a possibility? If not, is possible to do minor tweaks to said functions through you?

  2. Is the drift handling separate from Drift system app? We use our own script for that.

  3. Does those two releases come in some bundle for little bit less? :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m very glad that you like our products. These are all great questions you have!

  1. All framework related functions are unencrypted. Because of this, you can make it work with any framework. Therefore, yes, the QB function that’s giving people money is of course unencrypted (and must be).

  2. We don’t provide drift handlings for the RAHE Drifting System. We just provide the whole tablet system and the drift counter. You must have your own system / take handlings from somewhere.

  3. There are currently no planned discounts.

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Thanks for the response!

One more thing. I think it might be useful to others, if you could modify this app into regular events, not necessarily car related. You know, “dance party at today’s 9pm”, “reveling of a new business tomorrow 1pm” etc.

With custom pics, YT videos, that sort of stuff. I might use it some time in the future myself!

And even better, you could try to replicate it the way it can be utilized for custom server pages, something like good, old Tabby

Is it possible to output the results data to a webpage?

It is possible, yes, but it would be something you’d have to develop, as we only provide FiveM in-game functionality. All race results (track information, standings, times and everything else related) are saved into your FiveM server database.

To display them on a webpage, you would have to make your webpage connect to the same database, get the information and then display it on the page.

Thanks for reply.
Ok so i have this, the Identifier, but no Name, how can I make it show the users name please. Of course this is a mock version, but I cannot figure how to pull that user name as well.

Help would be appreciated

Would I pull that info from here:

You’re on the right path. The player name is indeed in the ra_racing_user_settings table, the alias column.

So when you have a race result (like on your first picture), you take the player identifier from there and then you find his name from the ra_racing_user_settings table using that identifier. As you can see, both of these tables have a player_identifier column - that’s how you connect them.

Thank you, I know you don’t support outside of fivem, but I have figured most out.

I hope it helps anyone else that wants data loaded from database to a webpage in real time.

Now working on the Boosting and maps to pull data from there etc.

Here is race Results: (Ignore the null) not fully completed On light Version