[PAID] [QBCore] sprutulf-applications (job-applications)

Ingame job application system. Uses ox_lib for the application, you can there choose what job you want to apply for. These jobs are configurable in client/input.lua. Applications are stored in the database, the boss of each job can view applications in the qb-management boss menu. There they can view your details in the application and deny or accept it. They can also choose to delete it permanently if they want to.


Tebex Link

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 350
Requirements ox_lib, ox_target, qbcore
Support Yes

Take it back it might be 350 lines but it also might be just ripped from @Mycroft with a context menu added.

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Seriously? His code is menu, then the data is sent to discord via webhook. My script is completely different, i’ve looked over the GitHub link you have sent and the scripts are so different in all kinds of ways.

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What is it?

selling other people ui when you couldn’t draw your own :roll_eyes:

The funny thing here is that the menu code is open in the script, its nothing alike his. And what do you expect to be in a job application menu?:skull:

As Bostra already mentioned the script, again: Download this script, that does exactly the SAME and is FREE! Yes, you read right, FREE

Btw, aren’t you the guy, who tried to sell a database-to-discord-printer for like 30 dollars or something?
feel like you just discovered fivem, lua and this forum & are now trying to sell any possible shit that comes to your mind. people like you are a disgrace for this community.

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Hello, i’m just wondering. Have you looked at my script? How does his script do the same? Does his script save the applications in database? does his script have qb-management integration of accepting, denying and deleting applications? Seriously, is this just a trash post? Look at the scripts before you talk, weirdo.