[PAID] [QBCore] sl-weed Advanced Weed Planting


Plant seeds anywhere and boost your harvest’s quality by maintaining plant nutrition and water levels. Don’t let it drop to low though or the plant will die. Add different level hydroponic systems for different bonuses to keep your plant alive and healthy. Life as a farmer is hard when there are diseases and infestations that can kill your plant. Luckly you can defend your harvest with different immunities, cures, and pesticides. Learn the benefits from different plant genders and harvest seeds or clones from each plant. Careful where you plant your crop though because the police can seize it.

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  • Nui based

  • Highly Configurable

  • Synced between all clients

  • Plants grow while client is offline

  • 4 different plant types

  • 4 different types of diseases plants can randomly get

  • 4 different types of infestations plants can randomly get

  • Cures and pesticides items to fix diseases and infestations

  • Immunities for plants to defend against diseases and pesticides

  • Hydro system that maintains plant nutrition and water levels

  • Female / Male plants with different benefits

  • Plant Cloning System

  • Cops have ability to destroy plants

  • Reputation System

  • Plants can be planted anywhere (except in houses/apartments)

  • Plants can be configured to grow in any amount of time

This script uses FiveM Escrow System but is fully unlocked to allow you to make your own edits


Optional Dependency

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +2000
Requirements qb-core, ox_mysql, qb-target, qb-inventory
Support Yes