[PAID][QBCore] Rolex Sell [Nopixel Inspired]

:spiral_notepad: Description

A few years back, when No Pixel 2.0 was a thing. I was a player that started out small and tried to get a few cash earned. That I did through a script, that I tried to look for everywhere, without luck. Until I found it i was an exclusive script made for that server.
I though on how it worked, but I couldn’t remember. I asked around and collected some information on the script and ended up with this script. It is similar to what they had back in the days. But there might be some changes.


:lock: Dependencies

  • Framework: QBCore
  • Inventory: qb-inventory
  • Target: qb-target
  • Map: Default GTA 5 Map

:shopping_cart: How to get it

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Other resources (only a few of the latest)

:chains: Links

Code is accessible Partially
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~500
Requirements QBCore, qb-inventory, qb-target
Support Yes
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