[PAID] [QBCore] Oxy Run | NoPixel Inspired

This is a QBCore based, NoPixel 3.0 Inspired, Oxy run script. You start at a “boss” head to a supplier to receive packages and then sell them for oxytocin to peds that Drive By!

This script runs at a maximum of 0.01ms and has been tested with OneSync Infinity

This script doesn’t utilize FiveMs escrow system and is fully open source!

Video Preview


  • All qb-target exports are built into the script
  • Exchanging marked bills, rolls & bands of cash for clean cash
  • Receive oxytocin to sell (at a built-in shop) or use.
  • Highly configurable, easy to add and change routes.

Update 1.1

  • Global Cooldown, Minimum Police Requirement & Run Cost have been added and can all very easily be configured!
  • Locale with easily translatable text has been added
  • A Special, configurable item has been added!
  • Configurable Blips have been added


It’s a quick and easy installation!

Support & Purchase Link
Tebex Page (14€)

FiveM Questionnaire

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) approximately 500
Requirements Listed Above
Support Yes

Already updated, There’s now 5 possible routes that can be taken. Massive thanks to Candrex :wink:
Added config for the different items (marked bills, bills % rolls)
Added config for a Blip at starting location

Love this guys work great script <3

Finally one of my posts, didn’t start with negativity! :slight_smile:

okay then ill start it there is already one free available on github same exact nopixel one…

I’m aware there’s a free one available, but it’s not at all the same system as in this script. It’s coming up to being 3 years old now as well.

Wish this didn’t require QB-Target.

Selling outside of Tebex is not allowed under the Terms of Service.

Please remove any other stores.