[PAID][QBCore] Object Loot System

[QBCore] Object Loot System

This script allows players to loot configurable objects on configurable locations. After the object is looted player must wait a configurable timer in order to loot it again.



  • 0.00 resmon | Preview
  • Config Preview
  • Loot any object listed on the config file
  • Cooldown system for each prop after searching
  • Configurable loot
  • Configurable locations
  • Discord logs | Preview
  • Target Support

| - Code is accessible | No
| - Subscription-based | No
| - Lines (approximately) | 350
| - Requirements | QBCore
| - Support | Yes

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LOL, I was looking for exactly that, great job

ooo nice

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Yesh $25 USD?

I get devs spend time making these, but you’re competing against other free scripts that allow you to do the same thing, add the object hash and setup loot tables.

What does the $25USD get you to stand this apart from the competition?

its the dumpster script with different hash lol

I think that the main difference is that this is easy to use for people that doesn’t know how to read code. Most of the free scripts works with hashes in client side. This is super easy configuration just with the prop name. Price was updated to $10! It’s one of my first releases so I still figuring out prices. Thanks for the feedback! :smile:

Haha not at all! It’s a lot more optimized + easy configuration for server owners that are not familiar with reading or editing code! Price was updated too! Thanks for the feedback.

Yeah most do hash and prop name now, there’s tons of them.