[PAID] [QBCORE] - m-Investigation - Search People - Make Complaint's and more!

  • This script was developed exclusively for the @Rfc_oliveira map. All targets places can be edited by you for another building if you wish. The script is an investigative work that can work in parallel with the police in this case your qb-policejob.
    There is also an explanation in our documentation on how to put the policejob evidence to work with this job so they can help the police.

  • There are 6 configuration files:
  1. Config.lua ( See )
  2. Config_Armory.lua ( See )
  3. Config_Commands.lua ( See )
  4. Config_Functions.lua ( See )
  5. Config_Language.lua ( See )
  6. Config_Webhooks.lua ( See )

  1. QB-Target ( Click Here )
  2. QB-Menu ( Click Here )
  3. QB-Input ( Click Here )
  4. OXMysql ( Click Here )

  • Personal & General Stash.
  • Personal & General Evidence.
  • Garage with unlimited vehicles.
  • General armory with unlimited items & weapons.
  • Computer menu to search for civilians by citizenID.
  • Computer menu to search vehicles by plate.
  • Option on qb-radialmenu to open: evicende system, stash system and computer menu.
  • Three active cameras directly to the cells.
  • Elevators to the three floors.
  • Small shop with some food.
  • Small pharmacy with some bandages.
  • Webhooks.
  • GSR System.
  • All vehicles that are taken out of the garage go with items defined in the glove compartment.
  • Vehicle repair station.
  • The script supports: qb-phone / gksphone / qs-smartphone

  • Search CitizenID:
See Screenshot


  • Search Plate:
See Screenshot


  • Elevators:
See Screenshot


  • Make Complaint:
See Screenshot


  • Options on radialmenu:
See Screenshot


  • Some Webhooks:
See Screenshot

Gitbook: Click Here

Preview: Click Here
Teaser: Click Here

Tebex: Click Here

Code is accessible No (Only config’s)
Subscription-based Yes if you want
Lines (approximately) ~800
Support Yes
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its just the police job with more stashes. $25? sheeeshhh

the complaint part is cool but didnt show us what happens with the complaint
or how it notifies.

You see the video? xD

You received the item with all information you put on complaint + email, send a webhook to discord with all information etc.

Also, you have search citizenID, search plate, and if you have my insurance the script is integrate with insurance.

This is a optional to add policejob, like one extra if you want :slight_smile: