[PAID] [QBCore] Liberty Dank (Weed Grow and Processing)


Liberty Dank is a JSON based weed planting script for the QB Core Framework. It is based on QB-Menu and QB-Target and requires both of those.

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  • 6 Different strains, all with independent growing values, seed chances, and more, as well as the ability to add more with ease through the config.
  • Plant anywhere outside that there is dirt or grass.
  • Health of plant determined by how diligent the player is with maintaining water levels throughout growth process.
  • Harvest a raw plant, wait until it is dry, and trim and bag it up into ounce baggies, with yield dependent on health of plant at harvest, those ounces can then be weighed and bagged into eighth’s, and then the eighths can then be rolled into joints.
  • Plants can be harvested, or destroyed, by anyone.
  • Encrypted using fivem Asset Escrow System.


Quick and easy installation almost drag and drop!

Support and Purchase link
Tebex Page ($30)

Code is accessible partially
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) approximately 120 in config
Requirements Read above
Support Yes

How many lines of code does the whole resource contain?

~300 lines available to edit between Config, Server and Client, and ~500 locked.

Nice work, i like it

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