[PAID] [QBCore] Kizu_registers (a cash register /till script)

A custom cash register script made for QBCore



  • Easily customizable in the config.
  • can use anything as a cash register since it uses polyzones not models
  • Can have separate items per job
  • Can only use the register if you are an employee of that job linked to the register
  • Registers have save feature on client side per register so you can leave it and come back
  • Registers are synced server side when an order is made per register as well
  • Employees can’t pay for the orders themselves
  • Receive a receipt with the order information if you are the employee who made and exchange it at the big bank for cash.



  • English


Price: 10€ + taxes

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Great release man! Well done!

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Nice Release! :smiley:

Config is currently encrypted

That’s my fault I thought I had to do something to start the encryption I didn’t realize how it worked, it should be good now

Unfortunately its still encrypted. You need to add it to escrow_ignore

I am sorry I did add it but it was so late at night and I ended up using the same old file without the ignore :joy: it should be good now, I checked it, and again I am sorry :smiley:

Works great now. Why not make the images pull from shared/inventory instead of having to externally link every single item?

emm I generally like to go for links because its easier to change move around and a lot of times you change it on the spot so I am used to that more

Most people don’t want to externally link every item in their inventory that could end up in a shop.

then just change it to a file format?? you literally have full access to the config and the fxmanifest, thats all you need to change it to a folder format

Any plans to convert it to ESX?

emm Sure yeah I can do that later with the other stuff I will be releasing soon :smiley:

Cool cool i was thinking of buying it and converting it to ESX if it was possible maybe do a little UI revamp if its not encrypted ofc

Hey there looking to Buy but your tebex is down and the video is gone can i still get it from you?

Hey i was looking for your tebex. The link you provide its not working.