[Paid][Qbcore] Custom Uwu Cafe Job

This is a Custom Uwu Cafe Job that i have been working on for QBCore Framework.

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NOTE: The job is built for the MLO only Available by Gabz & his team who makes awesome custom MLOs.
Also If you use any custom scripts or framework you might experience problems of things not working correctly.Here are a list of required scripts for this to fully work right out the box:
Requirements :

QB Framework - GitHub - qbcore-framework/qb-core: FiveM RP Framework Core

PolyZone - GitHub - qbcore-framework/PolyZone: PolyZone is a FiveM mod to define zones of different shapes and test whether a point is inside or outside of the zone

QB target - GitHub - BerkieBb/qb-target: A better interaction system for FiveM
QB menu - GitHub - qbcore-framework/qb-menu: Menu System for the QBCore Framework
QB input - GitHub - qbcore-framework/qb-input
QB bossmenu - GitHub - qbcore-framework/qb-bossmenu: Boss Menu For QB-Core
QB Phone - GitHub - qbcore-framework/qb-phone: Phone Used With QB-Core

This Job Offers Another perfect spot in Your city. Uwu Cafe Job Is a custom fully player managed bakery meaning there is not a shops to buy any of the food. You must make food if your working there or purchase food from any working employee.

Includes option for using Vinny’s Warehouse (one warehouse for every job i have available) or you can toggle it off to want custom warehouses for each job i provide.

Here is a list of the following Uwu Cafe Menu:

Uwu main courses:

  • Uwu Sushi
  • Uwu Budha Bowl
  • Uwu Miso Soup

Uwu teas:

  • Uwu Bubble Tea Blueberry
  • Uwu Bubble Tea Rose
  • Uwu Bubble Tea Mint

Uwu dessert:

  • Uwu Pancake
  • Uwu Cupcake
  • Uwu Vanilla Sandy
  • Uwu Chocolate Sandy

Uwu Plushies:

  • Uwu Purple Plush
  • Uwu Green Plush
  • Uwu Blue Plush
  • Uwu Brown Plush
  • Uwu Yellow Plush
  • Uwu Red Plush
  • Uwu Rare Green Plush
  • Uwu Rare Pink Plush

Buy a uWu Bento Box from the Uwu cafe to randomly receive one of each menu items with a chance to win one of the Uwu Plushies.

Delivery uwu take-out bags to 364 locations to earn Uwu tickets which you bring back to the store to turn thru the register to earn money for the delivery.

There are 3 different ingredents pallets to choose from, 2 baking pallets and one drink pallets that cost $500 each from the Uwu bossmenu account.

There are 33 different ingredents split between each pallet that every menu item needs in order to make it.

Call any Uwu employees thru the phone services to place a order to pick up or for delivery

Credits :


any esx version?

I’m sorry there isn’t a esx version. I am not familiar with esx at all, just qbcore.

Amazing work !

Highly recommend switching to qb-core !

im not familiar with qb. also my server running already.

is this locked or encrypted?

no its not

Hey, so I have installed this script and everything works except that there is no way to interact with the warehouse, like there is no polyzone there from what I can see so I cannot interact to pick-up warehouse shipments that have been ordered. Any suggestions?